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Hi, I'm Nick, I have over 20 years of experience and I design high-quality digital products that clients love and help businesses to thrive.

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Stimulate and Enthrall

A brand-development goal was to make the brand truly distinctive. In addition to amplifying the essence of the brand identity, we aimed for intriguing interactions at every touchpoint - unique yet complimentary and compelling. Gooee's branding aimed to advantageously stimulate and enthrall, in meaningful ways.

Visualizing the Invisible

The Gooee design language utilized visualizations to make 'invisible' technologies like mesh networks and ASIC sensors more perceptible. Through relatable graphical representations, we aimed to captivate, enlighten, and inform audiences while accentuating Goee's innovative culture and technological prowess.

Legacy Gooee Brand

The nascent Gooee brand established a foundational concept of 'integrated gooeyness' and introduced a bold primary pink color. However, over time, it became apparent that this approach was limiting, felt outdated, and resultantly, an update would better serve the needs of the business.


Radiant Impressions

The welcome screen of the website served as a microcosm of Gooee. The vast pink data-rich clouds intermingled with radiant, aspirational skyscrapers, symbolizing an omniconnected, emboldened and prosperous future - catalyzed by Gooee.

Product Visualizations

To enable the target audience and users to readily comprehend and value the product capabilities of Gooee, I leveraged depictions of real-world applications. These visuals advantageously showcased Gooee's inconspicuous technologies operating within purposeful spaces.

Application Representations

IoT application representations were designed to vividly illustrate the concealed yet innovatively pervasive capabilities of Gooee applications in strategically beneficial settings. The visuals depicted enhanced spaces enlivened by Gooee applications.

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Product Design

Hardware Design

I partnered with a French industrial design team to strategically shape Gooee's hardware architecture, ensuring functional and aesthetic advantages for the product designs. My collaboration resulted in products that were both visually appealing and functional.

Dashboard UI/UX Ideation

I created initial prototypes of the Gooee dashboard during testing and refinement of both the brand identity and design language. These prototypes provided a foundation for more focused and effective UI designs, contributing to the successful development of the IoT Cloud platform.

Product Design

I considered unit production cost, expandability, usability, and compatibility with external or partner hardware during the design finalization process. This helped determine scalability and viability of the designs. Close collaboration with key stakeholders further refined the design form and ensured its success.