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Hi, I'm Nick, I have over 20 years of experience and I design high-quality digital products that clients love and help businesses to thrive.

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"AI is not just a tool we wield; it is a co-creator in the ongoing narrative of our species. It forces us to confront profound questions about what it means to be human, propelling us towards a future where man and machine collaborate, amplifying each other's strengths to transcend the limitations of our past."


Photoshop AI


Embarking on the generative fill exercise, my aim was to create a comprehensive depiction of the model, tailored for a fashion-themed project. I began by carefully selecting a suitable face and neck photograph. Then, I explored an array of color palettes and styles that laid the groundwork for expanding the full body graphic.

By utilizing Photoshop's generative fill, I tested a range of lipstick shades, hairstyles, and dresses. This process culminated in a distinct stylistic identity, ideal for enhancing and expanding the graphic.


The styling design journey commenced by using Photoshop's generative fill tool to apply makeup to the model's face. Various makeup looks, including natural, smoky, and dramatic, were generated, with the final choice complementing the model's features and dress style. Next, the generative fill tool adorned the model with neck and body jewelry, selecting pieces that harmonized with the makeup and overall dress style. Lastly, an African queen-themed dress was designed, incorporating the generative fill tool and considering both the model's body type and the gold with teal aesthetic of the makeup and jewelry.


The finalization phase involved meticulously refining the generated elements and seamlessly integrating them into the graphic. This encompassed precise color adjustments, enhancing the image's dynamism, and skillfully blending Midjourney renders into the design. The culmination was a visually striking composition, featuring a fully adorned model confidently donning intricate makeup and jewelry against an African backdrop embellished with textured gold foil. Leveraging AI technologies like Photoshop's generative fill tool, Midjourney, and Upscayl, this creation stands as a testament to the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing the design process.

Animated Portrait

Image Generation

Discovering the full potential of captivating animations with stunning visuals is now within reach, thanks to the power of AI image generation. This key phase empowers us to create a foundational image that lays the groundwork for truly intriguing animations. It serves as the ideative spark, initiating the canvas with a visual that's not just seen but felt, readying it for a journey of creativity and innovation.

Speech Synthesis

In the second stage, the power of AI speech synthesis takes center stage. Here, we replicate the unmistakable voice of the renowned character actor Bill Murray, bringing his unique flair to our animation. This sophisticated technique carefully shapes a narrative that echoes as if Bill Murray himself is speaking, infusing the experience with an unmatched level of authenticity and his signature humor.

Synthetic Animation

In the final stage, AI truly works its magic. Taking the image crafted in the first phase, we synergize it with the rich, synthesized voice from the second. The marvels of AI animate the still image to move in perfect harmony with the voice. It’s as though the picture itself springs into life, speaking and expressing emotions with the same charm and wit as Bill Murray himself, culminating in an enchanting & lifelike animation.